In 2008 we celebrated our 10 year jubilee. In 1998, in Auckland, producer Vadim Ledogorov organized a night dedicated to poetry and music based on a script by Albina Hodchenko in the name of A.S. Pushkin with the appearances of Galina and Vadim Ledogorov. This celebration became the foundation of the upcoming new studio. The very first celebration was followed by a dramatic performance "Krotkaya" written by F.M. Dostoevsky… Today our studio history is coloured by hundreds of dramatic performances based on many classical Russian writers. And every performance, be it "Za Chem Poidesh to I naidesh", "Prazdnichnei son do obeda", "Ne vse kotu maslenetsa" by A.N. Ostrovsky,  "Yubilei", "Predpolozhenie", "Medved" by Chehov, "Beda ot nezhnogo serdtsa" by V. Sologub, "Doch Russkogo aktera" by A. Grigoriev, "Zhenitba" by N.V. Gogol, "Zolushka", "Snezhnaya koroleva", "Obyknovennoe chudo", "Dva klena", "Krassnaya Shapochka", "12 mesyatsov", "Koshkin dom" and many more, was met with a warm welcome by Aucklanders. Straight away by the names of our plays it is easy to see that there are both adult and children studios working. For every boy and girl each performance is an exciting new adventure where not only they develop their theatrical abilities but also reach the heights of understanding of the Russian language. Every theatrical night in our studio is interesting and exciting. For example in 2003 we had the premier of "The night with Chehov". On this occasion the audience was able to see such plays as "Bear", "Suggesetion", "Story about lady N.N." and "Invisible to the world tears" in which performed amazingly talented actors Igor Ledogorov, Vadim Ledogorov and Galina Ledogorova. Through the play written by Lena Skorohodova titled "Don't throw ash on the floor" our studio was able to introduce Auckland to modern Russian drama. Logically the next step in such introduction was the meeting with the actors Lena Skorohodova and Viacheslav Kulakov. Long remembered is also the musical night titled "New Names" where musical geniuses Marina Danilova and Gabriel Korsazhi were introduced to the audience. And just as remembered are the popular poetry evenings with the appearances of Russian youth. It is easy to go on for hours about our work done with the aim or preservation of the Russian culture and language. For example how can one forget the films by Vadim Ledogorov about established Russian people, which were shown on "Triangle" channel? Or how can one forget the school of creative development named "Rainbow". .. And of course no theatrical studio is possible without classes aimed at actor talent development! There we read poetry, listen to music, sing, draw, and perform litter theatrical exercises which help with the development of memory and imagination. These exercises help prepare us to the performances on stage, where we bring light and kindness with true drama.
Our story 1998 - 2012